A TRUE HUMAN BEING, The Screwloose Letters, volume 1, #6

A TRUE HUMAN BEING, the Screwloose Letters, Vol 1, #6,

When you consume that which is already dead, you are bringing it back to life… saying 11, GT

Is blogging in general pretty much already passe? And how about my own blog—can I bring it back to life? Yes, yes, I hear your barbed question, knew you’d ask it: was it ever really alive? Maybe not. You may be right. The Screwloose Letters may have been dead on arrival… Not many of you seem to be intoxicated with my subject matter. Where are the readers? Why no comments?

Anyway, I’m back.

Let me try again.

A few months have gone by now—or haven’t you noticed?---of inactivity on my part. True, I’m an Ancient now, running out of gas, so to speak, but more to the point: I’ve become aware that nobody’s listening. I’ve been talking to myself. But then aren’t most of us, most of our lives? Our truths, like most everything else that we acquire during our brief and enigmatic sojourn on this strange planet, live and die and disappear, all too soon. No man shall have our words in remembrance, as Lady Wisdom has instructed us (Wisdom of Solomon, 2:2-4). This may be my last blog, who knows? So, what’s to say, in the next few paragraphs? What really matters, anyway? Who’s to say?

Our old friend Jesus (the one you’ve no doubt never heard of, heretical version, courtesy of the GT) has (purportedly) some thoughts on this subject—and if these words sound familiar, keep in mind that they now are believed to antedate, according to a majority of scholars, those we‘ve read in our well-known ‘Bibles.’It was all here first, in a different context.

A true human being can be

compared to a wise fisherman

who casts his net into the sea

and draws it up from below

full of small fish.

Hidden among them is one large,

exceptional fish that

he seizes immediately,

throwing back all the rest

without a second thought.

Whoever has ears

let him understand this. ...logion 8, Gospel of Thomas


Are you kidding?



What could be this most important thing in life, the really big fish, the finding of which makes you a true human being?

Who gets to say?

Well, if you’re still listening, you’re past the first hurdle, because according to our heretical Jesus the first thing you need is ears—and again, remember, more and more scholars say that here we are hearing the original real live Jesus, before he got canonical and was pressed into the service of the burgeoning new Great Church. So, properly equipped with these spiritual ears, let’s proceed.

Let’s hear more.

If we were listening to that other, much later Jesus from the Gospel of John, say, this most important fish might be Jesus himself, paraphrased something like this I am the One Truly Great Fish, believe in me and ye shall have Everlasting Life… But no,, this Jesus leaves the question blank, at least in our GT saying. Perhaps he means us to look elsewhere, to cast our lines deeper into the brine—meaning, of course, the Gospel of Thomas again, where in almost every saying he gives us or alludes to this very same answer. So let’s turn up our hearing aids, hear for ourselves just one more example.

If your spiritual guides say to you,

‘Look! The kingdom is in the sky,’

well then the birds

will get there ahead of you.

If they say

‘It is in the sea!’

then the fish will

get there first.

No, divine Reality exists

inside and all around you.

Only when you come to know yourself

will you be fully known, only then will you realize

that you are a child of the Living One.

If however you never come to know

who you truly are,

then you will live your life as a poverty-stricken being.

And it is your ‘self’ itself that shall lie impoverished. ...logion 3, Gospel of Thomas


Isn’t it time you came to understand this?

Throw all those other fisn back, immediately, without a second thought…

All those Archons out there, the demons who want to do you in, have been telling you a million things are more important, chief among which may well be giving your life for others—but don’t be fooled. You can only truly serve others when you get out of poverty, learn who you are, who they are.

The real Jesus was a healer of humanity, yes, the Son of Humanity, and he meant to kindle the fire, watch it spread, build a race of new men and women who have this Single Vision, this Unified Consciousness. Only upon achieving this state can the teachings of, say, the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ make any sense. Only then can the little fish be brought back into the boat, be seen to be beautiful, each in its own place, its own time, its own order. Only then can it be properly said that


Heaven and earth

will completely disappear

in your presence

and the one who lives by means

of the Living One

will not see death,


as Jesus has said,

‘The world is not worthy of the man

who has found himself.’ ( or, the person who has discovered his/her true Self ) ...logion 111, GT

And that’s my blog for today.


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