Advice for the Trump Era

Advice for the Trump Era: “Just Be, and Enjoy Being…” Sermons from the Gospel of Thomas, Vol. 1, #10

Bring me the stone the builders discarded. That one will be the key.

… Logion 66, Gospel of Thomas

If you’re like me--and countless others—the current American political milieu is beyond depressing, beyond description or even definition. Words fail us. We turn from the TV screen, baffled, bummed out. Words are precisely that from which we must escape, words, words , words, flying back and forth between talking heads: insane, silly, even stupid words. No more words; we can’t take it. The unthinkable, the unbearable, the impossible has happened. Anger is in the air, worry, anxiety, and yes, mostly fear. What’s next? Back to pre-Robber Baron America, the return of oldsters digging in dumpsters for something to eat? War, the worst yet, the Big One for humanity, our very own self-generated nuclear Armageddon?

Nobody is making any sense… I mean nobody.

No, don’t do it. Spare me your words, your conjured-up therapy, your partisan spin. Silence, for once. You can’t cure us, not this time. Call us the Far Left, Sore Losers, tell us to Get Over It: it won’t work. We know what we feel in our guts. Forget it, Fox news.

It seems all we can do is sit back and fasten our seat belts. This stuff has to ride itself out. It’s going to get worse before it gets better… much worse, quite likely.

If you don’t feel like this, you’ve already tuned out, so turn the page. But for those Americans who need some help navigating these uncharted waters, guess what? I’ve discovered a book! For you, this one. Don’t skip it, not this time.

THE POWER OF NOW, by Eckhart Tolle. Find it on Amazon.

It’s the best commentary on the Gospel of Thomas I’ve yet encountered.

It doesn’t set out to be--but that's what it rapidly becomes. Believe me, you can digest this current best-seller... It's easy. The riddle of Thomas will be resolved for you. The words (!) of Yeshua, the Living Jesus, will ring from the mountain tops and invade your mind. These are words too, yes, but living words, words long ago forgotten, ignored, rejected. Or twisted, turned inside-out, like those other words we’re trying to drown out, words we’ve learned to abhor, all the words that make up the real Fake News. Like political babble, from Fox News, mainly.

We know how to twist words around, oh yes, even—especially—the words of Jesus.

This stuff about the “stone,” for instance, the "one the builders rejected.” I’ve never known what that meant, not really, after a lifetime of reading countless commentaries, from all the learned scholars. Usually you get some sort of explanation centering on Israel as the target of persecution through the ages, or it’s even Jesus himself, as being crucified and ignored by the world’s rulers and thinkers, etc. -that sort of thing. Note: many of the world’s “rulers”—dating from Constantine--have fought wars in the name of this their Fake Jesus, right down to today’s Evangelical Dominionist Republicans who make up 3/4ths of Congress, just aching for the Big One with the Muslims. No, the builders have hardly rejected that “stone.”

So what is this stone, this lost foundation?

Are you ready? It is nothing less than THE POWER OF NOW, which is what the real Jesus—reflected in the GT--was all about. It was his original message, as a Teacher of Wisdom, a true healer of the human condition. They didn’t understand it when he first uttered it, this concept, and they never have. From our perspective, however, we're ready to hear it again, in a new context, highly relevant indeed. The builders have erected a monumental Western Culture on a Fake Jesus, a culture that is missing its proper foundation. That’s why we’ve ended up with Trump. It was inevitable, it now appears. We’re getting what we deserve.

What we’ve lost, the missing foundation stone, is the feeling for life, for BEING. It’s apart from words, really, apart from out-of-control Mind…

The only point of access for Being, for true Life, is the NOW. We've been like the architect who pays no attention to the foundations of a building but spends a lot of time working on the superstructure. The building is about to collapse.

So turn off the TV, pick up THE POWER OF NOW and get immersed in it. No less than your sanity is at stake. And your wholeness, the topic of Jesus in the GT. It will shatter your smug complacency, trust me, and it may just be the most important book you ever tackled. It can turn you inside out, re-start your operating system, purge away all the viruses. But first you will have to overcome your skepticism, your impulse to dismiss this stuff as just more psychobabble, more simplistic do-it-yourself “spirituality.” C'mon, I know how you are.

“Humans are a dangerously insane and very sick species. That’s not a judgment; it’s a fact. It is also a fact that the sanity is there, underneath the madness. Healing and reconstruction are available right now… Feel the power of this moment and the fullness of Being. Feel your presence.”

Get a life.

Just Be, and enjoy Being.

Jesus called it the Kingdom of Heaven. It's not in the sky, or after you die.

And Trump can't touch it.

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