Our Father Who Aren't in Heaven... Sermons From the Gospel of Thomas, Vol 1, #7

When the time comes and you are able to look upon the Unborn One, fall on your face in worship, for you have found your own true Father. (Your Source and Origin at last). Logion 15, Gospel of Thomas

The time will come when you get up, stand up in the cosmos. Now. You will have found the “Father,” inside yourself. Like the Kingdom of God, he’s not up in the sky somewhere, after you die, or in some parallel universe, or off on some distant planet, but right here, right now, now that you’ve awakened. The time has come, and you’ve stopped fighting it. You’re ready to take yourself seriously. Here. Now.

There’s nothing very spooky about it, not really. As a student of Yeshua, you’ve already heard him say that if you’re looking for the source and the meaning of your life you need to go to an infant of just seven days and ask him about it all, what he thinks of it (especially if you’re an old man like me).

A person of advanced age must go immediately and ask an infant born just seven days about life’s source. Such asking leads to life when what is first becomes last. United they become a single whole. Logion #4:

And what will the baby tell you about the meaning of life? Nothing. He can’t talk yet, lucky him. He’s all body, discovering his toes. But in his wide-open eyes you read the Truth: he is your Father. Who is this infant? He is you, as you once were—and now that you’ve lived long enough to become “last,” in that all-knowing glance of his you are united with the you that you were when you were “first,” like him. And now, in his little gurgle, you understand.

The child is Father of the man.

Life is its own explanation. Remember, this new teacher of yours, this Yeshua, is the Living Jesus. And remember too what we’ve already said: there is something in you that was never born, and so cannot die. That something is Life itself; there can be no higher concept of God than Life, at least from your vantage point. It is all that you have, all you can cling to, and it came from your Father.

There it is; you’re looking at it. It’s right in your face.

Come to know the One in the presence before your face, and what is hidden from you will be revealed. For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. Logion 5

It will be revealed to you right now, if you look long enough, if you have eyes to see. (This saying, BTW, is another that has been understood by conventional Christians as referring to after you die, up in the sky! When you’ll know all things, answers denied to you now).

"An unspoiled child is completely absorbed in the Present Moment. His place of Life is the Eternal Now. Pure One-ness, pure Being-ness. He just is, not knowing that he is. And only in the Now will you ever find this enchanted place of Life." In the case of the old man (or woman) what was “first” (yourself as a baby) has become “last,” and once you are there, you can be everybody… Not because now you’re “nobody,” but because you’re united, with that baby who is you, who is at the same time your Father.

Yes, you can become United. You can make the “two” into One.

Right about now in our exposition, the GT sounds pretty Gnostic, and I suppose it is, more than some scholars are willing to admit. But not so fast—remember this Jesus of ours is a highly original Teacher, so much so that we’re still trying to understand him. The GT itself is a life-long project, trust me. Hold that thought.

In the Gnostic anthropology there were three classes of people: hylics, psychics and pneumatics. The hylic (from the Greek word “hyle,” meaning “matter”) was a kind of “lower trip,” as we used to say in the Santa Cruz of the sixties, familiar to all of us. They’re all around us, always, “asleep and unaware, completely entrapped in the material world.” They are the Donald Trumps (sorry!), unable to understand either themselves or others, and certainly not the Nature of God.

The psychic person was little better, having achieved an inkling of awareness, enough to know that a spiritual world existed, but not how to access it or really change his life. This is the ordinary church-going Christian, dangerous even then, prone to go off half-cocked, so easily obsessed with some dubious and ill-thought-out cultic agenda. Billy Graham has had, for America in our time--like many a helpful drug—myriad undesirable side-effects, now coming home to plague us. Think of our new fascism: the so-called Religious Right.

The pneumatic alone had ears to hear, eyes to see. He had discovered the Divine Spark in himself, was on his way to Wisdom. He alone saw through the world as a demiurgic imitation of the true spiritual world of the True God. These pneumatic Gnostics experienced their ascent to the Father while still locked into their material bodies, until they could leave them behind—but even now still not “tasting death,” even now already immortal. Even now understanding that some people will never understand, others only a little. Even now knowing that as pneumatics (it is no accident that the word means not only “spirit” but “breath”) it is their task to blow on, to fan, the Divine Spark in a cold dying world where everyone is asleep, until it blazes up. The outcome of this giant dualistic struggle is by no means certain. We’re all in the battle. If you’re not a Person of Light you’re spreading the darkness. The fate of the entire cosmos depended on this effort of these Gnostics. Cf. Gnosticism and Other Vanished Christianities, by Richard Valantasis

And yes, the Father is in Heaven, but Heaven is in the mind.

And for Yeshua, even in the body.

In the heart, in the spirit of Man.

The future of the Human Experiment on the planet is at stake.

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