Huckleberry and the Goddess

We all know Huckleberry, right? Just another Fox News clown who wants to be President. Lord have mercy. But never mind, that's for another day. For now, I can't pass up this opportunity to capture this eloquent commentary on a subject familiar to these pages, namely the Paradigm Shift, or my oft-repeated theme, the Return of the Goddess. See folks, this is what I mean, in case you've wondered. Here in one little bubble it's embodied, encapsulated, epitomized.

Take a good look: the Goddess meets the Gorilla.

Some time ago one of my more astute and imaginative Facebook friends, upon enduring one of my minor rants on that page, asked me outright what goddess are you talking about? I fumbled around for an explanation, but it wasn't easy. I realized he wanted me to name one specific creature---and I could have done that---but that wasn't what I wanted to convey. No, I thought, not me. No more literalism for him to shoot down; not gonna give him a new goddess, especially a Megyn Kelly. (I knew he was no fan of Fox News).

No, I was after something broader in scope, a phenomenon more cultural, a change that's happening all around us, something so many have missed, or don't want to see. And I don't mean just that women are cussing more. Huckleberry does mean that, and he tries to shrug the thing off as a difference in style between mid-America (the Fly-Over States) and the two coasts, New York and Hollywood. But Megyn won't let him off the hook... In her last few sentences she sets him straight, lets him know about other bold behavior of today's upstart women, warns him in effect to get up-dated.

And oh, the magnificent irony of it happening on Fox, whose listener base is largely those very same Red States where the women don't cuss! Right in their unnoticed midst the Fox old-style dominant males have met their match! The other night none other than the Head Gorilla himself, Bill O'Really, was clearly in a jealous fit as he had Megyn on, had to somehow explain her ascendancy to (maybe soon!) replace him as the ofrficial voice of Fox News, topping him in the ratings these days. She had him squirming!

I personally have always despised the so-called f-bomb, used by either sex. Look, it's an extremely ugly word... Sorry, folks. How sad that women think they have made great strides forward by imitating the worst behavior of the crudest men. They have however made great strides forward, and, again ironically, this word has become—like it or not, Huckleberry---a great rallying cry, a talisman almost, a slap in the face for the fading patriarchs of the Far Right, bewildered even as they so desperately struggle to maintain their 5000 year old stranglehold on the world's money and power, symbolized by their control over the other sex, over marriage and morality. That's the real ugliness...

It's all changing, in our time, all around us. That's what I mean by The Return of the Goddess. It'll get a lot worse before it gets better. Part of it's painful. Part of it's ugly. Megyn makes a good goddess.

We've already seen some signs of this reunion with the Goddess, across the land and around the world. Let me list just a few, as outlined for us by Richard Tarnas, at the end of his book The Passion of the Western Mind: the recent widespread urge to re-connect with the body, the emotions, the unconscious, the imagination and intuition. The new concern with the mystery of childbirth and the dignity of the maternal. The growing recognition of an imminent intelligence in nature, the broad popularity of the Gaia Hypothesis, the whole environmental movement, the concern wbout global climate change, respect for our Earth. A new awareness of feminine aspects of the divine, not to mention the archaeological recovery of the Goddess tradition. The rise of Sophianic Judeo-Christian theology, even the papal declaration of the Assumption of Mary a few years back. The great wave of interest in the mythological perspective as seen in Joseph Campbell's stuff. The renewed interest in Eastern mysticism, in archetypal and transpersonal psychology, in chaos theory, systems theory, the ecology of the mind, the participatory universe. The list goes on and on. An epochal shift is taking place, according to Jung, in the contemporary psyche, between the two great polarities, a union of opposites,: a hieros gamos (sacred marriage) between the long-dominant but now alienated masculine and the long-suppressed but now ascending feminine. The (alleged) approach of Barack Obama in international affairs, to use diplomacy first and the military only as a last resort. Concern for the poor, for the weak, for the elderly, for minorities.

The Goddess cannot be held off forever. The future is hers. It seems the whole of recorded western history has been a long, protracted male ego trip...

It's not clear how long we may have to wait for the current macho conservative reaction against all this to play itself out.

Meantime, Huckleberry, it's later than you think.


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