If in these pages I sometimes seem to be sounding some sort of alarm, let me assure my hordes of readers right now: it’s not by accident. Your impression is correct: that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. Of course alarmists are all over the place these days… So what else is new? Why don’t I just fade away like a nice old guy, content myself with playing bingo and watching re-runs of the Lawrence Welk Show? What’s all this stuff about the Cosmic Lady being right, about us cosmic chickens getting plucked? Why this website, why the books?

Perhaps it’s time to explain myself.

First off and at first glance, it doesn’t have to be all that mysterious. We’ve all heard the question put from time to time: if you found that you only had a month to live, how would you spend it? And the answers, usually from younger people: I’d travel the world, see everything I’ve always dreamed about. Or I’d stay drunk, make love to as many women as I could. Or even I’d get all my money out of the bank, give it away to my friends, tell them how much I loved them.

I’ve decided to pull out all the stops, have my say, let the chips fall where they may. I haven’t much time. I know some things you don’t, and I want to warn you. Of course you don’t believe that, but I plunge on. I have no choice. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…

Why do I care? Well, it’s because I’m a Christian... Or was. There, I’ve shocked you already. This thing about Jesus is not easily shucked off, even if or when you may have come to see it all as mythological… Because we’ll never get beyond Him. He taught us to care. I care about humanity, about the future of my children and yours, about the destiny of the human experiment on Planet Earth. I even care about the future of Christianity, which has been evolving since Saint Ignatius of Antioch, when it really began, or even way back there in the Jewish Churches of God, ca 200 BCE, where Jesus was in embryo. And lastly, I care deeply about America, the noblest experiment ever, on this Planetary Lunatic Training Asylum. And now the punch line, the little item that explains the was in the first line of this paragraph…


This colossal blunder is the reason why we are today a demon-infested, doomed republic. This is reductivism, you say? Too simplistic an explanation for such a complex problem? Just let yourself think about it a while. Sometimes the truth is shocking, disturbingly simple. This is our elemental oversight, something we’ve all missed, something we can’t allow ourselves to contemplate. We scoff. But hear me: I was once among their number; I was even a personal acquaintance and student of Ayn Rand’s. I knew Billy Graham and Charles E. Fuller, took an MDiv from Fuller Seminary. I paid my dues, did my homework, including later degrees in Literature and Philosophy from the University of California. I’m still a Christian, but one you’d never recognize in today’s peculiar American religious milieu. I say it’s time to take a fresh look at our two big problems: our (1.) religion and (2.) our politics.

First, the latter. We need to understand that we have become an Empire, an oligarchy, a plutocracy, even a fascist state. Forget democracy. Imperialism and militarism are the deadly enemies of democracy, says Chalmers Johnson in Nemesis. (Holt Paperbacks, 2006, pp. 88-9). The United States today, like the Roman republic in the first century b.c., is threatened by a huge military-industrial complex and a secret government controlled exclusively by the president. Over any fairly extensive period of time, successful imperialism requires that a domestic republic or a domestic democracy turn into a domestic tyranny. That is what happened to the Roman republic and that is what is happening in the United States… You cannot combine democracy at home with an Empire abroad---democracy must die. We must choose which way we will go, let go of the Empire and preserve our democracy here—or forget the democracy here and make a go at world dominion. This choice defines our dilemma, and describes the agendas—superficially perhaps, but for now still mildly operative—of the two political parties. AND—it’s worth noting that the above word dominion has been claimed by our friends the friendly but peculiar current Evangelicals as being also their program on the world stage… Both want nothing less than control over the entire world. The lunatics want to take over the asylum. It’s no accident they’ve gone Republican.

But what happened to our old friend Jesus?

That’s for the second cursory examination, that of our religion. Later. But for now, take note: we cosmic chickens need to know that the Fox is NOT looking out for us.

Matter of fact, we're PLUCKED.

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