DISRUPTION... The Screwloose Letters, Vol 1, #5 Halloween/Election Eve, 2018

DISRUPTION… The Screwloose Letters, Vol 1, #5, Election Eve/Halloween 2018 You won’t recognize this magazine cover. If you can blow it up though the bottom line will tell you that it is the journal of the notorious Fuller Theological Seminary, for the time being still located in Pasadena, California. Current issue. I was an early graduate. Don’t ask me what year. It was primeval. But now it seems, “the times, they are a changin’...” and what else is new? If you live long enough, nothing is the same any more, including your head. Hopefully, your head—though that is, sadly, the last thing, for many of us, that gets an overhaul. How long has it been since you’ve had a really new idea? I mean a

The Angel and the Judge, the Screwloose Letters, Vol 1, #4

The Angel and the Judge, The Screwloose Letters, Vol 1, #4 It’s Sunday afternoon, and what are you doing? How’s your relationship to Reality? Now serious, what is your version of Reality? You have one you know, even if you haven’t thought it through, consciously. Even if you remain completely unaware of the whole subject matter. Oh come on now… What are you talking about? All you philosophy majors are the same, Think you have a corner on Ultimate Reality. Gimme a break. No, I’m talking about Jesus. It’s his idea. It’s his alternate terminology for the Kingdom of Heaven you see… At least in the Gospel of Thomas. Here he is, in Saying 27: Yeshua says, If you do not fast from the cosmos, you wi

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