The Powerless King... Sermons from the Gospel of Thomas, Vol.1#5

The Powerless King… Sermons from the Gospel of Thomas, Vol 1, #5 Let whoever has become rich be king, but let whoever holds power surrender it. ………Logion 81, Gospel of Thomas Now this is my kind of king. Solitary and unrecognized, an incognito potentate. A personal note: not one of my friends has even the slightest clue about my own kingdom, wherein I reign supreme. (Now don’t cry ‘narcissism!’). Except Lucinda. She got on to me after a while. She even had the temerity to quote (in her farewell note) a line from the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, to express her new insight: thou art a king, and kings must live alone. So ta ta, my lord, ta ta. Remember that song from the old musical Jesus Ch

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