Eating What Was Dead... Sermons From the Gospel of Thomas, vol. 1, #4

Eating What Was Dead… Sermons from the Gospel of Thomas, Vol. 1, #4 Jesus says, “The sky and the heaven above it will pass away. The dead know nothing of life, and the living will never die. In the days when you were eating what was dead you were making it alive. When you come to be in the light, what will you do? On the day when you were one you also became two, but when you come to recognize your twoness again, what will you do?” Login 11, Gospel of Thomas “What is this nonsense? Half of the stuff in this so-called “gospel” doesn't even make sense, and the rest is just plain silly. So are we going to keep pretending this stuff is profound? Or does it just make us feel smarter by actin

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