Sacred Dogfood: Humanism Goes Sour in America... Sermons from the Gospel of Thomas, vol. 1, #3

Sacred Dogfood: Humanism Goes Sour in America Do not give what is sacred to dogs, who will only discard it on a manure pile. Logion 93, Gospel of Thomas So I'm saying that this humanist tradition has always been around, astoundingly, side by side with religion, from the very beginning. Don't think we moderns invented it. Seems there have always been those who doubted, or at least resisted the shamans, the ever-present priests, those who claim to speak for the gods. “Question Authority” was not a slogan originating in the sixties, somewhere in California… I find this thrilling. Not that I'm a libertine, exactly. I respect tradition, but I've always been restless with the Establishment's versi

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