GETTING STONED, AND LEARNING TO LIKE IT ...sermons from the Gospel of Thomas

Sermons from the Gospel of Thomas Volume 1, #1 GETTING STONED, AND LEARNING TO LIKE IT What kind of man is it, Jesus remarked, somewhere back there in the Sermon on the Mount (and you may or may not remember that, depending on your own particular hang-ups or ideological addictions, not to worry) whom, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Well then, he went on to ask, what about your Heavenly Father? Can we expect anything less from him? Indeed not, it turns out. The Father, as Jesus thinks of him, is a classic liberal, a real generous kind of guy, a God who stands ready to give us whatever we need or ask, and much much more, as I hope to show here. It has not always been thus, w

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