Goodbye Bing Crosby, Hello George Bush, Part 2

Yes, I confess. Just like you, I want to take back America. My America of course. Only in my case, it's not to some imaginary Christian society of a mythical past I wish to return, nor to the world of the Founding Fathers. I wasn't around then, believe it or not. And neither was anyone else... Let me be clear, here and now: when I say I want to turn back the calendar, it's not to a lost imaginary America epitomized by Roger Williams or Cotton Mather, or even to the more recently falsified land of Ronald Reagan… No, I want to bring back the America of Bing Crosby. Because that was the real America, the liberal America. I was around then. Bing… He was big. Bigger than Bill O'Reilly. Bigger tha

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